Rather Than Yielding to Perceived  Structural Limitations


Envision Beyond the Perception  of Deliberate Space




Envision Beyond... for distinctive interior space that defies limitation!


ARC offers cutting edge technology in custom-designed Digital Graphic Vinyl Wall Coverings, Floor Coverings, and Upholstery. A resource for design professionals, the business owner, and homeowner specifying residential, hospitality, commercial, and environmental design. From inception to fruition, our unique combined service enables our design team to custom design, fabricate, and install your project across the United States and abroad.


At ARC, we push the boundaries of traditional Interior Design and Space Population, an innovative firm that features new concepts in interior design and color science. ARC's guiding vision is informed through years of experience in Interior Design, Art History, Sculpture, and Digital Graphic Photography.


Evolving with advances in technology keeps our media products and services on the cutting edge with innovative materials and environmentally responsible products. The movement towards sustainable organic, recycled, and repurposed materials is having a revolutionary effect on the interior market.  Our aim at ARC is to research and integrate new alternative printable materials as they become available.


 We currently offer a certified biodegradable commercial grade fire retardant printable media in our product line. L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Recycled Product contains NO PVC, NO LEAD, NO PLASTICIZERS, NO HEAVY METALS, which contributes to several LEED credits. 




About Christel

ARC founder Christel Heinelt is an accomplished and respected art & design professional with more than a decade of product leadership in residential and commercial services, new construction, renovations, and interior design. Highly skilled in managing all phases of the project life cycle, coordinating and delivering results in high pressure, rapidly changing situations. Christel is a natural leader, combining deep industry expertise with business savvy, poised to bring innovation and talent to each project.


An Alumni of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Business Degree in Interior Design & Fine Art. Christel also completed an impressive year of Graduate Studies in Art History at the University of Gottingen in Northern Germany. http://www.uni-goettingen.de


During her time living in Germany, Christel worked as Assistant to Dr. Norbert Nobis, Assistant Director of The Sprengel Museum of Modern Art in Hanover, which houses one of the most significant collections of Modern Art in Germany. https://www.sprengel-museum-hannover.de


Fluent in German, Christel was entrusted with loan agreement translation for visiting exhibitions and correspondence with various museums and institutes around the world. Assisting in the execution of shows, and the documenting, reorganization, and inventorying of the Sprengel Museum's Graphics Archive.


Utilizing her knowledge and design experience Christel’s first groundbreaking business incarnation, Lushart, Decorative Painting & Murals, completed an impressive portfolio of highly representational custom mural projects. These projects have included large commercial spaces, as well as all scale of residential projects, both interior and exterior. Including award-winning projects, featured on HGTV, multiple home & design magazines, coffee table books, and newspaper publications.



"Christel Heinelt is an 'Out of the Box' creative visionary! She is a multi-talented individual with unparalleled competence and real-world experiences adept in transforming any space into a work of art. Hands Down! Bar None! Christel is my first choice for our next project."

Scott Wilson

CEO S2 Design & Imaging

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